Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frequently asked questions.

It's time now for

Question 1: Who the heck are you?!
Answer: My name is Marsha. I'm a farmer's daughter, a biscuit eater and a tea slurper from Up 'Aest. I enjoy videos, blogging, and posing for pictures with books that I've never actually read. I'm 24 years old and that's all I have to say about that.

Islam... hmmm.
Question 2: Who the heck are you marrying?!
Answer: The guy holding the flowers. More formally, Jacob from Souris. I never actually knew who he was until high school, but I'm sure I've muttered things under my breath when I saw him and fellow Sourians taking over OUR BASIN HEAD in the summertime. He is exactly 1 month and 1 week older than me. This matters apparently.

I guess catching the bouquet IS foreshadowing.
And, for good measure, the best picture we ever took together.

Is that sad?
Question 3: Do you have any children?
Answer: Yes. We have a daughter named Timmy. She's 5 years old and she definitely inherited Jacob's good looks.

They grow up so fast.

Question 4: How long have you been together?
Answer: 6 years I think? Around then? Really though, after year 2 they just all sorta jumble together, AM I RIGHT LADIES?

Question 5: Why did you decide on a vintage/antique theme for the wedding?
Answer: Because it can be elegant and cost effective, and it just seemed right.

Question 6: What does your dress look like?
Answer: MUAHAHAHAHA I'LL NEVER TELLLLLLLL. (Please note: I have not purchased said dress yet. I have one in mind but nothing is certain)

Question 7: How much money have you raised through your 10 dollars from 100 people thing/are you completely off your rocker?
Answer: 110 bucks so far/yes.

Question 8: Who's in your wedding party?
Answer: That's another post for another time, I wanna make sure everything is finalized before I start talking about all of that.

Question 9: How did he propose?
Answer: Down on one knee under the Christmas lights at province house on November 31st, 2009. It was beautiful and a very intimate moment between the three of us; Jacob and I of course, and the guy who happened to be walking towards us. We had a bit of an awkward moment with that one. I loved every second of it though, and honestly, how could that NOT have happened with a couple like us?

Question 10: What's your first song going to be?
Answer: We have one in mind, but we never actually had a 'song' per say. Do you guys have songs with your hubbies? Are we alone in this?

10 questions? I think that'll do for now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugary marshmallowy cakey goodness.

To begin, I have a little non-wedding related subjects to cover.

First I want to say thank you for the thoughts, prayers and delicious food that everybody has been giving myself and my family over the past 4 months. It's easy to say that we wouldn't have gotten through it all without the love and support of our community, but it's true. The best feeling on the day of your grandparent's funeral is walking into the church and seeing it packed with the people who love(d) and care(d) for you and Granny and Poppy.

They say people only get together for weddings or funerals. I've seen a lot of you folks for bad reasons lately. Let's get together next for the wedding, shall we?

Now, if you've made it through the mushy must-be-said stuff, I award you with CAKE TALK.Who doesn't love cake? Alright, my fiance doesn't love cake. In fact, he suggested a 'cake' made of sausages and bacon as the 'frosting'. As delicious and artery clogging as that sounds, I think maybe we should go a little more traditional and perhaps use sugar as a main component in the food we'll be shoving in each other's faces in front of a hundred people. I hear bacon grease makes your makeup run.

When we first started shopping around and looking at cakes, I found out that the average cost for a wedding cake is $100 a tier. Yes folks, A TIER. Let me do the math quickly. Most wedding cakes have 3 tiers. At 100 bucks a pop, that's.... carry the one, divide by 83.... 300 bucks for a mound of sugar and flour.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a beautiful cake. I'd just appreciate it a lot more if I didn't have to pay that much. Once Doreen heard my concerns about wedding cakes (I believe my exact words were, "I'm not friggin' payin' 300 bucks for a wedding cake, are they INSANE?"), she and I sat down and brainstormed about what could be done on our budget. Let me just state right now that Doreen Gallant might very well be the craftiest jack of all trades I have ever met, hands down. We learned how to make an easy marshmallow fondant via youtube, tried it on a small scale, and the next week she had created THIS:

Yes, this was her first try, and only her second time ever working with fondant (which, as my sisters and I proved in a certain youtube video, isn't the easiest thing to master in the world). How cute is that! These cakes will have to be emulated in the future, if not for the big day then at least for some wedding related parties. They're amazing.

Also, what do you guys think about a small cake to cut that's a little more budget friendly, then cupcakes for the guests?

Oh, also, 89 people to go in my 100 for 10 dress challenge. Jeepers creepers you guys are stellar.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Teapots, dishes, Katharina's Bridal Show, and 100 for 10.

This last week has been absolutely insane for me. I was meaning to post this on Monday!
Anyways, no time like the present to bring you all up to date on the quest for teapots, which has since expanded into a quest for teapots and dishes.

After receiving my Grandmother MacDonald's dishes, I wanted a way to incorporate them into the wedding. They're absolutely beautiful and fit the vintage theme. I decided I'd like to use them at the head table for the reception. Unfortunately, there's not enough for everyone, so I've been keeping my eyes open for another set.

I love Granny's dishes.

Doreen, Chrissy and I went to the North River flea market last Sunday and I found a teapot that I adored. It was part of a set, and the lady selling it sold me the entire set of dishes and the teapot for 5 bucks. I couldn't believe it! I'm pretty sure that I have enough plates and things for the entire party to have one at the reception, and another teapot to boot!

5 dollar dishes? I would have paid $5 for the teapot alone.
Now, onto teapot mania! I've got some amazing friends and family that are on the hunt for teapots for me. So far I've gotten 4. Here's what 3 of them look like, one is at Doreen's.

The teapot Rhonda found for me. Good eye, McFly!
This is the teapot to match the dish set I got for 5 bucks.
My first teapot find at Value Village.
After the flea market, Doreen, Chrissy and I went to Katharina's Bridal Show at the
Murphy's Community Center on Sunday. It was fabulous! I got so many new ideas from it! The best part was that most of the dresses I tried on at Katharina's Bridal were in the runway show, including the dress i fell in love with. It was fantastic to see someone else workin' it.

When it came time for prizes, my eyes started to glaze over. I distinctly remember the last time I won something; I was in grade 5. It was a cold winter day, and the classroom smelled like pizza (it was pizza Wednesday). They did the milk draw, and lo and behold, out of ALL the children in my class (11), I WON A MILK PEN! It was invigorating. It was heart stopping. It was the last time I recall winning anything in my life... until Sunday.

They started by drawing for prizes that were for both brides and friends/family that came to the show. Of COURSE, Chrissy won an awesome Arbonne Seashores Detox Spa mud mask for face/body. Sibling rivalry/jealousy reared it's ugly head, but I kept it inside (after all, I was going to mooch some of it from her later). Then came time for prizes that were just for brides, and my moment. I actually won 50 dollars worth of flowers from Hearts and Flowers in town!


I felt accomplishment (and beet red in the face). When I was walking up to get my prize, Julia from Katharina's Bridal who was doing the announcing leaned over and said "Blog lady?" Man, did that ever make my day. First, I won a prize. Second, the ladies at Katharina's actually read my blog AND recognized me from the picture! That was huge for me. All in all, it was a great show and I received a bunch of new business cards to add to my wedding binder of potentials (and maybe a few too many cake samples).

I kind of feel like an advertisement for Katharina's Bridal, and I love it. Oh, did I mention a friend gave me a 200 dollar gift certificate for Katharina's towards the purchase of a wedding dress? Fate much?

OK, now on to my far-fetched idea of how I'm going to afford a wedding dress. As most of you know, Jacob and I are like everyone else on Prince Edward Island; we don't have thousands to spend on a wedding, and we're really not interested in going into debt for a wedding. To me, debt is for houses and cars and education. This was one of the main reasons why we chose the vintage theme for the wedding; we can have a beautiful wedding with charm and personality without having to spend a lot of money that we don't have. This in mind, I've started a 100 for 10 drive. I'm absolutely shameless. I'm not proud. I'm asking 100 people for $10 so I can get a wedding dress. I've added a donate button to the bottom of this blog, and family and friends have already stepped forward to give me a hand.

That being said, DO NOT feel like you have to give me 10 dollars. The choice is entirely up to you. This is an extremely unconventional method of raising money for a wedding, and I completely understand if people think it's way too 'out there' and maybe a little too presumptuous that I actually know 100 people to give me 10 bucks.

All I have to say for myself is hey, you can't blame a girl for trying.