Monday, May 31, 2010

Keep your eyes peeled!

The wedding talk drought officially ended this weekend.

First, a teapot update: I have 10 beautiful perfect teapots in my possession, one at Doreens (It just looked too good above her cupboards that she decided to store it there until the wedding), and one in Banff that Kim brought back from IRELAND for me. How lucky am I? A teapot from Ireland!

Next, an update on a few ideas of things that I'm going to need that you very well might consider junk and want to get rid of.

Junk item #1: Lace doilies or table cloths. Stains do not matter. light wear and tear is fine too.

Something like this one would be perfect. 

Junk item #2: Milk glass, or clear glass, single flower vases. If they're clear glass, they'll eventually be spray painted white.

Something like these beauties would be amazing. 

Here's the idea for the vases: suspend them with a bit of twine or yarn and put a single flower, possibly a gerber daisy to match the colour scheme, in them and put them along the wall to make the walls look more interesting. 

Kind of like this, but with actual flowers in them. 

Junk item #3: floral or vintage looking wallpaper. If your folks papered their hallway in the 60's, search their attic. I guarantee if they're anything like my family, they'll have some left over that they couldn't throw away because it was 'perfectly good wallpaper' and 'they might use it sometime'.

So there you have it. That's all the junk items I need to make the wedding unique and pretty.

Here's a warning to you right now though; If you do want this stuff back, it's best not to give it to me for a few reasons, the most dominating of them all is that I'm the least organized person in the world, so I'll forget who gave me what and not keep track. Another reason is that I'm probably going to tweak items a bit, like dying the doilies in tea to give them a nicer colour, or spray painting the vases. You've been warned! *ominous music*

Besides the fact that we STILL haven't picked a venue for the reception and dance, everything else is going swimmingly. My aunt has given me permission to use my great grandmother's serving trays for cake. I need to incorporate more of Jacob's family in the mix. Any ideas, Doreen?


  1. Marsha I have some doilies for you already and will be watching for some of the other things you need at the big yard sales this weekend!!!

  2. Marsha I have a few of those milk glass vases. is this bad but I was collecting them cause I was going to do the same thing. You can totally have mine when I'm done with them. I can't remember but I have at least 2 at the moment.

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