Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hit me. Punch me. Help me.

Contrary to popular belief, I did not fall off the face of the earth. I wasn't eaten by polar bears in the Torngat Mountains, and Fredericton didn't reject me. The excuse of "I've been busy", while by times true, is probably trumped more by the "I've been lazy" alibi.

So, you get one hit/punch for not only not blogging, but not planning at all. Please make sure I have at least a month before the wedding to recover from the bruises.

The Eastern Kings Rec Centre is booked. The Church is booked. The minister AND priest are booked (does that mean we are double-blessed by God?). The wedding party is chosen, all dresses are ordered. Things are coming into place.

Things that still worry me: 

1)The cake.
Recently, I've been thinking, "NOBODY REALLY EATS THIS THING ANYWAYS, WHY ARE WE EVEN BOTHERING GAAAAASH!" Then, I finally realized I was kind of right. Why are we bothering trying to make/buy a 3-tiered, fondant covered cake that'll end up costing more than my school books this semester? Jacob and I aren't fancy. We don't need no dramatic reveal of a cake higher than our heads. It's only going to be shoved in each other's faces anyways.

Something like this is much more our-style:
It looks delicious in its simplicity, doesn't it?

One tiered. Buttercream icing, Betty Crocker icing, who cares. It looks pretty. It looks like it won't break my bank account, and it looks doable a day or 2 before the wedding. Horray!

Because for some obscene reason, Jacob's mom Doreen doesn't want to do 6 girls' hair the day of her son's wedding. PSH. (I'm SO joking.) This will eventually work itself out in the near future; we've got it narrowed down to a few hair stylists, and I don't know if we'll even bother with makeup artists. We've got a few talented ladies in our bridal party.
Probably just something low-key, like this. 

My dad said "let me worry about that". I'm worrying about that.

This might be a possibility.

I just tried to order some round paper lanterns from a site, but it messed up. I'll try again tomorrow. Besides that, I'm thinking that if we don't have enough "things" around to hold flowers, good ol' mason jars will come to the rescue.
Though a bird cage would be amazing, I think an old piece of luggage is more achievable to hold cards.

Cute, non?

I'm also thinking that maybe for outside while we get our pictures taken, having a couple of games of bocce ball and washer toss would be acceptable outside of the rec center. 

5)Where's everybody gonna stay?
We've got friends from out of town staying during the wedding. Camping is an option, but what if it's cold? Souris has 2 motels, which are handy. Unfortunately, the reception is up east. Should I book the (only) Souris taxi to sort of come up east every once and awhile and give people rides, or would it be more practical to hire DD's to drive people around? 

Those are the big 5 things that I'm worried about, generally. Things are coming together, and I feel like a lot of this stuff won't get done until 2 months before the wedding anyways. 

I work better under pressure. 


  1. love that card suitcase! adorable.
    also, post pics of stuff you did pick/order because I am nosy as eff

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